Wood pulp wetlaid unit Spun lace equipments Automatic Winder & Slitter Rewinder Revolving winder END of LINE SYSTEMS for NEEDLE PUNCHED Cutting systems Heddle punch IMB M/L Double cross lapper Chute feder Needle punching Stacking device Air Lay Spun Bond Plant Carding M/C Washing wat J-box Un winder Needle Punching M/C Cross Lapper Hot calenders Squeezing impregnation padder Abrasive spray cabinet Cooling calenders Resin cabinet Thermo bonding engraved calenders Foam applicator Smoothing calender Foam generator Powder distributor Loops accumulators Laps accumulators Geogrid production plant Exaust cleaning systems Laboratory equipments Glass fibers equipments High capacity rotating drum dryers for wet forming lines Double conveyor press Cooling section Resin preparation Unit of coating and lamination with infrared oven Liquid fall impregnation Kiss coating MULTIpro oven Thermobonding oven one conveyor Felt thermobonding oven double conveyor Wadding thermobonding oven double conveyor TOW Ovens Symmetrical ventilation oven 1 conveyor ADL PES Percussion oven Vertical laps oven