Lamination and Smoothing

Double conveyor press

The Sicam double conveyor press is suitable for the lamination, the surface finishing and the compression and so density increasing of nonwovens.
Sicam has developed a working principle based on a combination of heat and pressure. The Sicam double conveyor press is able to obtain a perfect smoothing effect on the surface, is able to laminate more materials ( also not permeable) by melting the fibers or with the help of powder or liquid adhesives, and is able to increase the material density in the nonwoven mixed with PP or Bico PES.
Sicam reaches the above results thanking to a machine which provides for the passage of the material in pressure between two conveyor belts in glass / Teflon between fist hot plates and then cool plates.
To produce different thickness between the heating zone and the cooling zone couples of calendar rolls are placed.

002740-A-002 vista 5
double conveyor press with spray cabinets for lamination


Sicam double conveyor press with powder distributor for lamination, smoothing, compression


Electric boiler

Technical features

Working with: 1000-3000 mm
Working speed: 0,5- 25 m/min
Max working temperature: 230 °C
Heating system: diathermic oil
Length of cooling and heating zones: 1000 mm section
Space between the conveyors: 5-250 mm