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Lamination and Smoothing

Unit of coating and lamination with infrared oven

The coating and powder lamination equipments produced by Sicam are used in the automotive and in the carpet industry to make the non-woven thermo formable. In this project developed by Sicam the powder has the function of adhesive to laminate products together or the function to coat the nonwoven making more stabile the surface for the preparation to an eventual thermoforming.


In a first step the powder is distributed on the nonwoven by a proper device and then is melt in the second step by an infrared oven.   Subsequently the material passes through a cold calendar where it can be Laminated or cooled.


Technical features

Working with: 1200-6000 mm
Working speed: 1- 100 m/min
Max working temperature: 200 °C
Heating system: infrared panel, medium or long waves
Length of cooling and heating zones: section of 1500 mm