Cooling section

Sicam supplies various cooling equipments suitable for many kinds of nonwoven to complete ovens and calenders. In many cases the cooling section not only cools the material, but also works on the density fixing it at the required values., or improves the mechanical performances of the nonwovens by controlled thermic shock.

According to treated material the cooling section has different transport and process systems :

Rotating drum cooling section for thermobonded or impregnated light webs

1462 rff 31462 rff 5DCF 1.0

Cooling section by calender and sucking conveyor after thermobonding

Air through cooling section for Pes or PP tows

Immagine 084
Air through cooling section with calibration top conveyor after wadding thermobonding


Cooling section after geotextile calenders

Immagine 381Immagine 384

Technical features

Working with: 1550-6000 mm
Ventilation: air through or impingement
Thickness of the materials: 5-300 mm