Glass fiber equipments

Glass fibers equipments

The Sicam glass fibers equipments can tell a story more than fifty years long:
since when they were used in the sixties in the textile uses or in the eighties at the introduction of the nonwovens, till the most modern process innovation of these years.
Experience in the field, professionalism and flexibility have led Sicam to support cooperation with international companies, leaders for the production of glass fibers products. It has therefore established a win-win logic based on providing the customer and well tested good product and also it is also based on a continuous improvement through learning generated by the synergies between the involved companies and Sicam.
Sicam can supply:

  1. Finishing plant for glass fabric
  2. Chopped strands mat plants
  3. Static ovens for fabric and bobbins of glass
  4. Cutting system for glass yarn

The Sicam for glass fibers finishing are used for the impregnation of the glass fibers with chemicals which make the fabric suitable for the reinforcement of different kind of resins as happens in the production of electronic cards.
Sicam proposes a plant composed by unwinding device with welding unit, accumulator, impregnation unit, vertical air impingement oven for drying and thermosetting, accumulator and winder at the exit.

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Technical feature

Working with: 1200-2500 mm
Production speed: 50- 200 m/min
Product weight: 60-200 gsm
Max working temperature: 200 °C
Heating system: diathermic oil
Ventilation: impingement mode
Space between the conveyors: 5-250 mm

The sicam chopped strands mat plants are used for the production of nonwoven suitable for the resin reinforcement, for application in nautical field to make hulls and for the production of tanks and components in the reinforcement resin. Sicam proposes a plant formed by a formation unit where the glass yarns coming from bobbins are cut and evenly laid on a collecting conveyor, by an impregnation zone where glass fibers are impregnated by thermoplastic powder or urea formaldehyde in emulsion, by an oven which provides to the drying and thermosetting.
At the exit the glass web is calandered and trimmed before rolling.

Lay out mat plant
Forming section
glass yarn cutting section

The glass fibers in the forming zone

mat at the exit at the forming zone

Oven for chopped strand mat

Winding device

the final product

Technical feature

Working with: 1600-4500 mm
Production speed: 5- 45 m/min
Product weight: 80-1200 gsm
Max working temperature: 230 °C
Heating system: gas burners
Ventilation: air through system

The Sicam static ovens are used for the drying of glass bobbins or at very high temperature for the treatment of glass fabric in order to prepare it for the impregnation burning all the lubricants used during the weaving.
Forno statico tessuti vetro

Technical feature

Dimension of the chamber: according to the customer request
Maximal temperature: 450 °C
Heating systems: gas burners

Sicam has widely tested and optimized reliable systems to chop the glass yarn.
This material finds application in the resin reinforcement, in the technical stitch bonding nonwoven and translucent sheets.

Technical feature

Working width: 300-4000 mm
Production speed: 5- 300 m/min