Cooling calenders

The Sicam cooling calenders are usually installed after hot calenders or thermobonding ovens . the rolls are driven by a system of cardanic’s shaft and independent motors.

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In the installation after hot calender the thermic schock improve the mechanical performances of the processed materials.
In the installation AFTER THERMOBONDING OVENS, the nonwoven at the exit of the oven at about 170°C is calandered and cooled to reach the requested density that can be also up to 200Kg/m3.

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Technical features

Working with: 1000-4500 mm
Production speed: 1-50 m/min
Cooling systems: 10-30 kg/cm
Roll shape: cylindrical
Roll surface: Chromium plated
Roll hardness: chromium coated hardness
Adjusting of the distance between the rolls: hydraulical or pneumatic