Thermo bonding engraved calenders

The Thermobonding engraved calenders Sicam calenders are used to obtain the thermo welding per points of light non woven from 15gsm to 100gsm.
They are installed directly after a carding machine or after a collecting conveyor of a spunbond plant

A Sicam thermobonding calendar is a calendar who has all the main feature described in the specific section, but with the particularity that one of the rolls has an engraved surface to allow the thermo welding of the fibers. The diameter of the rolls are usually from 320 mm to 580 mm. in order to obtain the best fatigue resistance and toughness, the rolls of an engraved Sicam calendar are made with forged parts in special steel.
The heating is by diathermic oil with high flow pumps.
The rolls are driven with a system of cardanic shafts and independent motors.

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The oil circulation in the rolls is through a set of holes drilled near the roll surface ,with proper connection each other to obtain a perfect temperature uniformity.
In the installation after hot calender the thermic schock improve the mechanical performances of the processed materials.

Technical features

Working with: 1000-3200 mm
Production speed: 10-400 m/min
Maximum working temperature: 250 °C
Heating systems: Electrical resistance
Diathermical oil electrical heated or by gas boiler
Working pressure: 10-150 kg/cm
Roll shape: cylindrical or bombage shape
Roll surface: hardened and engraved
Rolls hardness: induction treatment in the thickness 62 hrc hydraulicall nitriding
Adjusting of the distance between the rolls: treatment or pneumatic