Abrasive spray cabinet

The Sicam spray cabinets are installed before or after the single or multilayer oven in the abrasive wadding production plant both hose hold and use and industrial.


The know how in the abrasive field and the study of the industrial process allow Sicam to reach excellent result in the impregnation of the abrasive nonwoven with extremely easy maintenance and cleaning of the device. Years of experience and assistance to our customers have continuously improved the components of the machinery: pray guns, pumps, conveyor system, suction system, cleaning system. Another important item is the particular construction of the spray cabinet completely formed by extractable elements without use of any tool. This solution helps a lot the cleaning and the maintainer of this machine that is always very critical .


In order to reach high production speed or to make double coating Sicam uses reciprocating device that can work at speed more than 150m/’ keeping a very good level of reliability.


Technical features

Working with: 2000-3000 mm
Production speed: 5-25 m/min
Reciprocating speed: 50-170 m/min
Cabinet length: 2000-5000 mm