Foam applicator

The process of foam impregnation is today one of the most common and flexible impregnation methods
The Sicam foam applicator can make application on one or both the surface of the material considering the thickness of the nonwoven and the required impregnation effect.
The nonwoven suitable for a foam impregnation has a double advantage in comparison to the liquid impregnation:
1. on energetically point of view, the oven evaporation will be considerably reduced because a part of the water necessary to the dilution of the binder is replaced by air.
2. On production point of view, it is possible to obtain higher production speed because the density of a foam binder is less than a liquid binder and allow to enter into the impregnation bath at higher speed.
Sicam has introduced a lot of measures like for instance a sophisticated level control in the impregnation zone, which allows impregnation speed for light webs from carding machine at more than 120 m/min

1522 ash confortFoam applicator for light web from carding m/c
DCF 1.0Foam impregnation in a roofing plant
DSCN1200Foam applicator in an insulating felt production oven
1253 ash3
According to the different nonwovens the foam applicator rolls have different engravings

Technical features

Working with: 1500-3500 mm
Production speed: 40-120 m/min
Working pressure: 10-50  kg/cm
Roll shape: cylindrical
Roll surface: rubber coated or chromium plated
Adjusting of the distance between the rolls: pneumatic