Squeezing impregnation padder

The Sicam squeezing impregnation padder is used for the ovens for the main function to add chemicals for a non woven chemical bonding or only to remove water before the drying. The non woven is so first impregnated in a chemical solution in order to absorb the proper binders according to the technological request. After to reduce the water content to evaporate in the oven the nonwoven is squeezed thanking the passage through a couple of rolls, rubber coated or chromium plated. The material is now ready for the drying.


Squeezing padder before spoon lace dryer

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Impregnation padder installed in a roofing plant

In order to guarantee the impregnation uniformity of the nonwoven Sicam has implemented solution from its experience and from innovation.

From the operator panel it is possible to control the pressure between the rolls adjusting the pneumatic actuators.

A proper antiflexion device keeps constant the pressure along all the width of the fabric by the rolls misalignment   at the changing of the working pressure. In addition the Sicam padder is suitable to assemble variable bombage rolls.

Technical features

Working with: 100-4500 mm
Production speed: 10-300 m/min
Working pressure: 10-50 kg/cm
Roll shape: cylindrical or bombage shape
Roll surface: rubber coated or chromium plated
Adjusting of the distance between the rolls: hydraulical or pneumatic