Foam generator

The nonwoven suitable for a foam impregnation has a double advantage in comparison to the liquid impregnation:

  1. on energetically point of view, the oven evaporation will be considerably reduced because a part of the water necessary to the dilution of the binder is replaced by air.
  2. On production point of view, it is possible to obtain higher production speed       because the density of a foam binder is less than a liquid binder and allow to enter into the impregnation bath at higher speed.

For this reason Sicam has included in its production range foam generators specifically studied for the resins in use in the nonwoven field. These foam generators are the best to work together with our foam applicator.

Immagine 039The Sicam foam generator is able to keep the set resin density at the difference resin flow thanking to electronical controls.

DSCN1176Foam generator for light weight webs impregnation

DSCN1177Foam generator for felt impregnation plant

Sicam has dimensioned the mixing heads with round or square teeth according to the kind of binder and uses peristaltic pumps at the top for efficiency and reliability.

According to full fill the customer requests the machine can be completed with cooling devices for the head and dosing equipment for chemicals .

Technical features

Production of foamed liquid: machine from 30-150 kg/h to 500-2000 kg/h according to foam generator models