Infrared oven

The Sicam infrared ovens are used like pre dryers (i.e. for carriers , for bituminous membrane) or like ovens for coating or lamination. To have a great result in according with different uses Sicam has implemented infrared panels with electric feeding or catalytic panels with natural gas.

With particular attention both to the safety normative and to the quality of the production, the infrared Sicam ovens are provided with safety devices that at the arrest of the line turn away the hot panel from the material avoiding damages.

1311 infra 21311 infra 3DSCN0588Model 1311 Infrarossi 1

Technical features

Working with: 1200-4500 mm
Production speed: 1- 100 m/min
Maximum working temperature: 200 °C
Heating systems: infrared panels long or medium waves