High compression oven

Experience in the field, professionalism and flexibility have led Sicam to support cooperation with international companies, leaders for the supply of complete plants for the nonwovens. It has therefore established a win-win logic based on providing the customer and well tested good product and also it is also based on a continuous improvement through learning generated by the synergies between the involved companies and Sicam.
The high compression Sicam ovens are indicated to treated glass fibers for insulation or recycled felts for the automotive industries, thermobonded or with phenolic resin impregnation .
In the oven the material is compressed and thermo fixed at the final density and thickness.
An evenly distributed ventilation, results of Sicam knowhow and of innovation about the air thorough speeds, ensures the top final quality of the nonwoven
Sicam has a particular care in the choice of the conveyor belts according to the production request of the customers, as the conveyor belt is a strategic component for the final quality of the nonwoven. The top conveyor is magnetically supported and in this case conveyor of course are metallic and chosen by Sicam among many kind of conveyors in order to find the best compromise between the final surface finishing of the non woven and the optimization of the maintenance and cleaning operation.
In addition we find the construction Sicam philosophy without sliding elements. this solution make possible an easy access and to inspect inside the oven reducing the maintenance time and costs.
Sicam has invented and tested since many years a system to solve completely the problem of eventual air leaks from the oven in the working room. This air contains many times pollution components . the Sicam system foresees a particular ventilation system which allows to ensure a negative pressure inside the oven insulation panels to guarantee an optimal tightness, avoiding leaks .
Customer focus , that for us is the guideline company, means attention and care of Sicam in the realisation of the machine and also means consideration of the anti pollution normative for the environmental protection.
On customer’s request s it is possible the installation of cleaning devices for exhausted emission directly on the roof of the oven thanking to the strong oven frame. This solution allows the best space optimization.

togliere traverse

To reach the high density the conveyor belt is formed by strong perforated beams between side chains.


The construction philosophy by modular section of 2250 mm of length, used by Sicam since many years in its production range, makes easy the transport operation all over the world allowing a simple load in containers if preassembled machinery section.

Technical features

Working with: 1600-2400 mm
Production speed: 2-20 m/min
Product weight: 400-2000 gsm
Maximum working temperature: 120 °C – 200 °C with metallic conveyors
Heating systems: gas burners diathermy oil, steam, electric heat exchangers
Air circulation: air through ventilation
Thickness at the entrance: up to 700 mm
Thickness at the exit: 5-250 mm
Maximum density: 350 kg/mq