Energy recovery system

SICAM has designed an efficient energy recovery system, which, besides to recovering the energy, increases the productivity of the oven. In fact, on the basis of a SICAM patent, there is an increase in productivity and profitability of the oven thanks to the heat recovery of the exhausted fumes, conveyed in the entry head that is used as an additional hot section to the oven for preheating.


This innovation is applicable both on SICAM oven built from new and on existing ovens, that are made by SICAM or by other manufacturers. SICAM technicals verify the feasibility of the installation of the SICAM energy recovery on the ovens made by other manufacturers.

This SICAM patented energy recovery system brings higher efficiency benefits to the customer than other solutions on the market.

For the purpose of an optimal ventilation balance, a part of the circulation air must be evacuated and unfortunately this air dissipates a substantial amount of energy that could be partially recovered.

The novelty of the SICAM energy recovery system is to act through the combination of the two following technical solutions:

  1. The heat recovery system, that, forcing the exhaust air through the material, preheats it.
  2. The installation of such heat recovery system in the entrance head of the oven, thus recovering a heated space than in conventional ovens, however, remains unused.

In this way, the hot operative length of the machinery is extended also to the entrance head zone (1125 mm, which is equivalent to half of oven section). The benefits compared to an oven with a traditional energy recovery system translate into an increase in productivity (therefore in speed) for an equal number of sections (length) or in a reduction in the number of sections (so dimensions, consumptions and costs) at equal productivity.


The exhausted air is sucked by the central fan of the oven by two side ducts, then the air is distributed on the material which is located in the entrance head and this air will pass through the material, thanks to the suction of a hood, underlying material and connected to the two side exhausters fans.

In conclusion, the heat recovery section positioned in the entry head (SICAM patent) preheats the material and this positioning allows not to “waste” the first section of the oven in preheating mode, as occurs in traditional ovens with heat recovery system, but to use it at full thermal power. This advantage can be interpreted, alternatively, as an increase of productivity benefits or as a reduction of overall dimensions and costs associated with equal productivity.