Wadding thermobonding oven double conveyor

The Sicam wadding double belt ovens are suitable for the production of nonwovens made of polyester fibers thermobonded by Bico PES fibers.

Sicam has developed an high efficiency air through ventilation and a reliable adjusting of the ventilation width( according to the nonwoven width ), in order to avoid any side bypass of the process air during the air through ventilation. In addition we find the construction sicam philosophy with out sliding elements. this solution make possible an easy access and to inspect inside the oven reducing the maintenance time and costs.

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Sicam has a particular care in the choice of the conveyor belts according to the production request of the customers, as the conveyor belt is a strategic component for the final quality of the nonwoven. The top conveyor is magnetically supported and in this case conveyor of course are metallic and chosen   by Sicam among many kind of conveyors in order to find the best compromise between the final surface finishing of the non woven and the optimization of the maintenance and cleaning operation.

The conveyor belts in this oven are mainly glass / PTFE and PPS /metallic for the magnetic support of the top conveyor.


The nonwoven is thermobonded by the passage in the oven between two conveyor belts. The adjustment of the distance between the conveyor allows to change the thickness and so the density of the final product.

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Customer focus , that for us is the guideline company, means attention and care of Sicam in the realisation of the machine and also means consideration of the anti pollution normative for the environmental protection. On customer’s request s it is possible the installation of cleaning devices for exhausted emission directly on the roof of the oven thanking to the strong oven frame. This solution allows the best space optimization.

Technical features

Working with: 1200-4200 mm ( for more width we suggest our multipurpose oven )
Production speed: 10- 35 m/min
Product weight 200-6000 gsm
Thickness at the entrance: up to 1500 mm
Thickness at the exit: 5-300 mm
Maximum density at the exit: up to 200 kg/mq
Maximum working temperature: 250 °C with metallic conveyors
Heating systems: gas burners diathermy oil, steam, electric heat exchangers
Ventilation: variable direction meter by meter
Adjustment of ventilation width -750 mm