Vertical laps oven

The Sicam vertical lap ovens are suitable for the thermosetting of needle punched webs, for technical fabrics, and for light weight nonwovens for hygienical use. The ventilation is for impingement on the both sides with ventilators symmetrically placed. Air recovery on the two sides.

With a particular attention to the optimization of space Sicam has arranged the web on vertical laps by a proper disposition of the guiding rolls. This layout ensures high production speed because of the high web content of the oven in small overall dimensions.


For an easy maintenance and for a safe work of the bearings of the rolls at low temperature they are outside the oven protected by proper insulation.

In addition we find the construction Sicam philosophy without sliding elements. this solution make possible an easy access and to inspect inside the oven reducing the maintenance time and costs.

The construction philosophy by modular section of 2250mm of length, used by Sicam since many years in its production range, makes easy the transport operation all over the world allowing a simple load in containers if preassembled machinery section.


Technical features

Working with: 1200-3800 mm
Production speed: 5- 250 m/min
Product weight: 100-500 gsm
Maximum working temperature: 300 °C
Heating systems: gas burners diathermy oil, steam, electric heat exchangers
Air circulation: impingement on two sides