Multilayer stenter

Model ram2 RO10

The Sicam multilayer stenter frame   can tell a story more than fifty years long:

since when they were used in the sixties in the textile uses or in the eighties at the introduction of the nonwovens, till the most modern process innovation of these years.

Sicam has developed an efficient impingement ventilation that works both on the top and on the bottom surface of the material. The transport of the material is by pin chains working on bearings. This system allows the tensioning of the material during the heating and allows high production speed.

Sicam has developed for the stenter frame the multilayer solution which allows high speed process thanking to the high product content of the machine. In comparison with a flat stenter the dimension are very small. This solution is applicable only on fabrics or nonwovens that do not require coating or impregnation.

In addition we find the construction Sicam philosophy without sliding elements. this solution makes possible an easy access and to inspect inside the oven reducing the maintenance time and costs.


Technical features

Working with: 2000-2800 mm
Production speed: 1 – 100 m/min
Product weight: 100-500 gsm
Maximum working temperature: 200 °C
Heating systems: gas burners diathermy oil, steam, electric heat exchangers